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A proprietary Quality Quantamental ESG (QQE) approach to active investment.

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Investment Approach

At Davy Global Fund Management, we take a unique Quality Quantemental ESG approach to active investing. Our QUALITY investment philosophy permeates everything we do, and it is uniquely applied through our ESG integrated Quantamental (blend of quantitative and fundamental) approach.

We believe companies which are long-term winners display common characteristics or QUALITY Factors, by our own definition. Our QUALITY Factors (Profitability, Persistence, Protection and People) are incorporated in our Quantamental investment process.

Our pursuit of Quality combines bottom-up quantitative and fundamental or Quantamental analysis to identify investment opportunities. Our Quantamental process ensures we can cover both a wide breadth of stocks through our model while at the same time analysing individual companies in depth, giving us scale, insights and consistency.

We think of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks as business risks. We believe that management of ESG risks acts as a proxy for management of business risks, helping us identify companies which are best positioned to manage long-term challenges to their businesses. This helps provide our investors with protection against both investment risks and reputational risks.

The Investment Association

Building Trust and Delivering Value

The asset management team feature in ‘Building Trust and Delivering Value’, a news-style piece in partnership with The UK Investment Association and ITN Productions, highlighting the important role asset managers play in creating a more sustainable industry.

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