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A low carbon solution

01st August, 2019

Climate change has the potential to have a profound environmental, social and economic impact. The Davy Low Carbon Equity Fund aims to be a solution.

The Davy Low Carbon Equity Fund (formerly Davy ESG Ex-Fossil Fuels Fund) is managed by Des Flood and Brian Kennedy. The fund has outperformed the MSCI World Index by 2.56% since inception in April 2018 to the end of Q2 2019, with less volatility than the MSCI World Index (net of fees in euro terms). 

Brian says: “We believe we’re well on the way to a low carbon future. Investor demand, public policy and costs, will result in clear winners and losers along the way.” 

The Fund aims to tackle climate change by rewarding low carbon businesses who are successfully mitigating the impact of climate change and excluding companies who explore, extract or profit from fossil fuels.


Please note that this article was originally published in August 2019 by Davy Asset Management Ltd, prior to its merger on 29th November 2019 with another entity of the Davy Group, Davy Investment Funds Services Ltd. If you have any questions on this document or about this merger please contact any member of the team.

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