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Proxy voting: Reporting on our activity

20th April, 2020

At Davy Global Fund Management (DGFM) we view proxy voting as both a fulfilment of our fiduciary duty to our clients and a key part of our investor-led active ownership approach. We seek to ensure our clients’ best interests are represented by either voting in line with our ISS1 most sustainably-conscious voting policy, or exercising our own judgment where we see fit.

Proxy voting forms a reciprocal relationship with our engagement activity. Information gained through company engagement supports our voting decisions and, in turn, proxy voting agenda items may provide subject matter for future engagement activity.

If you would like to download our full proxy voting summary statistics for the period March 2019 - 2020,  please click here.


For further information please click here to contact a member of our Sales and Relationship Management team.


Figure 1. Summary of DGFM proxy voting 31st March 2019 to 31st March 2020


Figure 1: Summary of DGFM proxy voting 31st March to 31st March 2020

Source: ISS and Davy Global Fund Management as at 31st March 2020. The majority of the 3% “Not Voted” refers to holdings in Nordic companies where voting would result in trading restrictions around AGMs



1The Institutional Shareholder Services Group (ISS) provide proxy voting services to DGFM including alerting us to upcoming corporate actions, recommending how to vote and then voting based on DGFM’s instruction.




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