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Quantamental investing – The best of both worlds?

11th October, 2021

Executive Summary

  • Quantamental investing blends quantitative and fundamental techniques to provide clients with the best of both investing worlds.
  • Combining the bias-free objectivity of quantitative modelling with the creativity of fundamental investing allows the strengths of each approach to shine.
  • Adopting a quantamental approach ensures insights that might otherwise be missed are captured from an ever-growing range of data sources.



The world is facing an unprecedented explosion of information. On any one day, 2.5 quintillion (1 quintillion = 1 billion billion) bytes of data are produced, with a staggering 90% of all data available in the world having being generated in just the last two years[1].

This makes it important that any investment approach incorporates both quantitative and fundamental inputs to capture and process an ever-growing influx of data and thereby gain insights that might otherwise be missed.




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